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New York Field Trips

Experience New York Field Trips! Visit museums and more on your next school tour.

There are so many things to do in New York City! Our guided educational tours of New York take your group to places like The Statue of Liberty, Museums, Art Galleries, and more.

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In order to make it easier for you to plan your next field trip to New York, here are a few of the attractions you can check out while you’re visiting:

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New York field trips have a lot of exciting destinations for educators to pick from. The Big Apple features countless museums and landmarks and hosts educational events for NYC class tours to participate in throughout the year! Whether its learning about New York City’s vibrant history, exploring its national landmarks, seeing a musical on a Broadway stage, or learning about science in one of New York’s many academic institutions, NYC educational trips are a fun learning opportunity abroad for students of every age level!

NYC student travel itineraries can be tailored to any curriculum for any age group. For STEM NYC educational trips, parents and educators can consider planning a visit to:

New York Hall of Science

New York field trips can consider making a stop in Queens for a visit to one of the biggest interactive science centers in the city. The New York Hall of Science features 450 interactive exhibits and over thirty education programs, so school trips can easily specialize a visit to focus on specific areas of science and mathematics. A few exhibits your class can look forward to include an outstanding glimpse at microscopic photography and the Olympus Bioscapes competition and meeting the NYSCI’s new Mars Rover, Camille, along with many other fascinating and fun activities.

Sony Wonder Technology Lab

This technology and entertainment museum located in downtown Manhattan is a fun destination for techy and media-centric NYC student travel groups of every grade level. Students will learn about how some of their most used appliances and favorite game systems actually work, travel through the timeline of technologic history and development over the past century, and discover the many ways that technology is helping shape the future! With an HD movie theater, a dance motion capture exhibit, an animation studio, a music mixer, a Gamebuilder, and the WSWL Production Studio, students will learn about how technology is used to produce entertainment and will emphasize the numerous careers involved in the industry.

The American Museum of Natural History

Near Central Park, the American Museum of Natural History offers NYC school trips a day of learning about the many branches of science. Field trips to the Museum can expect to travel back in time while exploring the greatest fossil collection in the world and learning about the history of flight with the Pterosaurs: Flight in the Age of Dinosaurs exhibit. Class tours through the Museum can focus on learning about dinosaurs, exploring whales and cultures throughout the world who interact with them the most, discover the wonders of the universe in the Rose Center for Earth and Space, and learn about Theodore Roosevelt and how the American Conservation movement led to the study of wildlife and the natural sciences.

NYC class tours have a lot to explore, so picking destinations that can focus on ideas learned in the classroom can make student travel doubly rewarding. Whether it is focused on science, social studies, history, or the fine arts, NYC school trips are worth saving up for, as they broaden students’ perspectives and establish a curiosity that is open to learning something new on every journey.